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Astronaut Pixle Arts

Just putting all in this here. Three for one deal!

"FLOWERS" (March 2018)

  • (FLOWERS) -[DESCRIPTION: Astronaut splashes in a white void, from the helmet flowers erupt.
  • Such blooms include: daisy, lavender, blue bells, rose, and sunflowers.]-
  • "SURF" (April 2018)

  • (SURF) -[DESCRIPTION: On top of waves, Astronaut rides a surfboard during a sunset.]-
  • "TEA TIME" (April 2018)

  • (TEA TIME) Within a childrens room, in a small playset table and chair, Astronaut has a pretend tea party with a stuffed toy rabbit.]-
  • Pixel art isn't really meant for being made on photoshop. Just putting it out there.

    I had to zoom in and screenshot in the making file because otherwise it would just save at 250x250.