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August 16, 2022

the greatest beasts of them all...

theres probably one or two of yall out there that are all like "why?"
"why put the effort of making a goddamn kitchen utensil that can not function at all?"
well I'll tell you why.
cuz fuck it.
it's the novelty of it all!

Apparently this sort of tool with the holes is called a "Slotted Spatula". fascinating.

And then a couple days later I was itching to make some EGGS to go with.
and in the time of making this webpage, I got a small itch to make a FRYING PAN to go with.
but if the link dont work, then that just means I didn't bother with making a frying pan. dont worry bout that.


-[DESCRIPTON: Just a regular slotted spatula. Except made out of wool. Theres 5 bars, so theres 4 vertical narrow holes on the flat part. it measures just a smidge over the length of a standard ruler. The handle is to mimic wood material while the blade is to mimic metal material.]-


real compare ruler size arm size

just showing yall how it compares in length of such.

turn 1 turn 2 turn 3

turn 4 turn 5 turn 6

lil turnip big turnip


because the bitch is boneless, it's all floppy floppy bendy.

floppy 1 floppy 2 floppy 3

floppy 4 floppy 5

... fun getting the camera shots of me waving my arm infront of a wall..


we should make fun of france more

duel wield

dry grass sit

rock 1 rock 2

front back


the reason why the EGGS arent showing up for this page is because I took all these photos on the same day, before I even started making them.
and I didn't wanna bother going back and slogging through with their addition.


oh yeah uhhh...

theres like 2 photos here of blood.
nothing big, just a few drops worth.
but blood nonetheless
so like... yeah.


began by pulling out the palette I am to use, most of which were already out from when I created HURRICANE. Lots of blues.

color mixing

Add some nylon fibers to get the shiny sheen to mimic metallic.
get to starting out the colors to mix together.
aaaand immediately get stabbed.
but hey, first time ever actually it's done by the brush and not a sharp ass barbed needle going through my shape.


scarp core jacket zip handle core

dig through the scrap piles for anything I could use, I didn't want to use anything solid inside, but thankfully there was a few pieces that are built strong.

handle zip base shape wetting tile

dry wetting main colors grey base

after I got the base shape down from the sheets and scraps, I get to wetting some tiles. and then dry the wettings.
as I'm waiting for the wets to not be wet, I cover the base in grey, but rather flimsy.
Didn't need to cover ALL because the sheet is yellow. just do where the blue will be.

gray blade blue up blue tiles

now here are the tiles, I was gonna use them to cover the non-handle part, but figured it would have been too thick.

wetting bars wrap head hat

first bar second bar flop roll bar

make some bars, put the outter two on, make sure they stay on, end up making not enough so tear up a tile in half and roll up both halves.

punch bar inner bar shape


dropped the needle. broke the needle. the needle piece is somewhere in the carpet and I did do the magnet trick. didn't work.
I'll find that later when I feel that sharp pang whenever I'll find it.

fingers hand top part

attach top bars on


fucking Octopus gonna be the end of me. that one was the worst attack yet. all for the name of ART.

loop on handle colors handle wrap

I wanted the handle part to mimic wood, mized various warm colors, but dont mix much at all.
Get it to really look like grain of wood by having the color marble up and not homoginize.
also added the loop thingy so it could hang off stuff.

blade shape handle made wood wool


and so. yeah. done

stab counter

stabbed myself 77 times