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jingle bell *guy* i couldnt think of a better name so just *guy*

September 11, 2022

gotta speak with the italics too. the jingle guy. fucker.

okay so on July 17th I woke up in a dizzy haze, as I was waking up I was getting these few seconds of a flickering vision of some sort.
pulled out my phone and the only app that has a feature I could draw on, ins*gr*m. good enough.
and then I immediately went back to sleep for a few more hours.
Here's what showed up ˋ( ° ▽、° )


"concept art" if you will.

some time later I had the itch to make something of felting, "fuck it, gonna use that one".
Though I did want to do something akin to what I did with NAPKIN and BLAIR. what with the multi piece body.

I didn't use any other planning or blueprint for such a project, but is what is. hoowee.



dining sit 1 dining sit 2

couch sit1 couch sit 2 couch sit 3

dining apart 1 diing apart 2

here is how the doing is done.

first cloak second body

third neck third head

fourth hat

shove the body throught the cloak, shove the head into body, shove hat onto head. jump for joy.

hold guy throw guy show abut a guy death pose

rotation1 rotation 2

rotation 3 rotation4

hey Blair got a new roommate!

first contact

not only are the hats interchangeable, so are the heads

hats heads

thems psst

"psst. hey. you should meet up with Fish. I'm sure you'll like him. :3c"


turnip lay turnip head

and then I proceeded to fuck around with what else could be a head

do the guy jingle jangle? what with five whole bells, that's an outstanding yes.

hat stuff hat shake

just imagine the audio of "TING TING TING" x200


time for the obligatory "go outside and do a photoshoot". Not gonna bring the hat.

duckies dogwood twelfth major arcana

grass dinner

hey yall think I can land a score?

basket ball 1


basket ball2

eat grass

stab counter front stab counter back

this fucker of a guy took 380 stabs out of me. had to use up both sides of the note card.


okay I just wanna let yall know that I've originally took *counts* 161 wip shots. though at some point I did shrink it down to 107.
I took a look over once more just before I made this web page, got 51 for this part. no way in hell I was gonna plug in 100+ photos on just the making.

main tile bells tile scuff

*crcks knuckles* OKay. So to start out, the tile that was to be the cloak was actually done by me mama, but she wasnt gonna use it so i took it.
a packet of jingle bells that I got from a store and just. kept it with all the other junk for like a year. maybe two. the bells got lil heart shapes.

now the tile was a square, that's not gonna be a good shape to roll into a cloak. had to scuff off the fluff so that it becomes somewhat of a trapezoid.

cloak tile body tile leg meat

when the shape of the cloak was good enough, I did the rolling process at least... 6 times.
get the body and the legs started. fold the legs into self to add thickness. do the rolling for those as well. multiple times.

fold cloak drain cloak first feet

folding the cloak into a cloak, adding some fluff to hide the "seam". rolling process.
now the cloak was too big for me to simply squeeze the water out and into the bottle That Should Not Be Drunken Out Of. good thing I collect a bunch of sticks.
the stuff of gravity.
and then the Frst version of the feet

meating legs

the legs I had to tear open and stick in a folded length of craft felt sheet. gives a bit more rounded thickness to the legs.

body scuff body fold body stick

then to the body, scuff up 3 sides of the tile, bring them in, get the hollow shape going.
end up with something rather phallic.
well its just one of the things that happen in life ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

cloak lip


This part is to be the "hair". which actually, again, mom made it and then threw it in the scraps pile. I dont know how she did that effect.
she said something about using a sushi bamboo mat and kitchen gloves.

head out head in

hey so remember how i said the body looked like [[EGGPLANT EMOJI]]? yeah. (this is the core of the head)

head meat leggy head bare

ishduk ingredients ishduk pack

Now before I get further along with the head, I wanted to do some Ishduk aspects.
I SWEAR I'll talk about the whole deal of what an ishduk is later, probably in the place I talk about my OCs.
the plant matter I use for guy is: red osier dogwood seeds, birch bark, red cedar bark, and madrone bark.
stuff them into a little bag thing, to act as more stuffing for the head. careful that i wont stab through Too much.

hed white head hold

tear feet new feet

decided the feet wouldn't be good enough. reset the progress by tearing apart and building a new.

bead bank

made a shitload of little sphere things that would then become beads.

make hat feet on bald

first hair layer second hair layer

face meat face bare

hat flaps eyes hat braid

put some eyes on this bitch. get the stuff of the hat going.
pulled out some wool yarn, plaited them together. the colors dont mean anything, jut the first four I pulled out. though does sync with the rest of guys palette. snice.

beads load attach hat basic hat

take a gander at all the beads I've made. not even try to count them all.
attach the flap things to the hat, spend a few hours in between the next photo.

feather beaded plaits

make the beads into beads, the holes have to grow to fit along the plaits. there was a pokey tool thing that was good for the first step.
I also collect a bunch of feathers. a pigeons is good for the second step, followed by a crow feather.
lastly stretch the bead along a chopstick.
"fuck around and find out" the best rules I live by. use what's around me. keep junk around. fuck minimalism lifestyle.

fuck up the bell thin plait bells on

at some point I thought slipping the bells directly onto the plaits would be a good idea. tears those bitches apart!
luckily I had a handful of those yarn types that people would make friendship braclettes out of. made a plait of that. looped it through the bell and tied through a loop.

ishduk bag2 bag and bell

made another ishduk thing, to put into the hollow of the body. black eye susan petals, red osier dogwood seeds, rose petals plucked by the road, cedar bark.
I've used 4 of the 5 bells, the last one will hang loose inside the hollow of the body. muffled ting

attach bells to hat bells attached ti hat observe

big shpere

here is the bigass bead that I didn't turn into a bead. maybe I'll use it for a future felting.


and yeah.

gthats it.

good bye