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stuff and things that I'm not bothering having a separate page for.

Bear Cubs - July 14, 2022

okay so these little three fellars came about when I was setting up to sell the big bear from Here.
made these all in one sitting.

-[DESCRTIPTION: three small round black bears. their snouts are orange.

color pile

paws hands table


Kikivu Small - November 10, 2022

-[DECRIPTION: A cone-shaped cloaked being. A single large eye sits in the middle of the hat. The hat is blue and ends in a curl. The cloak is red below, yellow i middle and green on top. Three black legs with gripper feet. A binded tail drags behind going from cyan to pink to yellow.]-

Kikivu is part of Frayed Threads. look at it on the nav bar on top of screens. not this screen tho. the one before last one i think.

I would go for making her own page but I don't want the bears to be lonely in here.
made it all in one day, right after making Rico.
I'm gonna hopefully get a bigger clone made later on.. (ノ*ФωФ)ノ
OH yeaH the. A few days After making this kikivu I shoved her in my pocket to show it the outsides. An hour later my head almost felt like exploding.
I'm talking tunnle vision, color draining from view, muffled hearing. it ws bad. I had to go back home and once I took her out of the pocket, the spell was over.
Ishduk real.


cloak wet leg meat puzzle time

cloak close my blood under body

got a pretty slick poke in a finger. squeezed out onto her body. it's just part of what I gotta do.
later on the needle broke.
also I could't imagine what its under-body would look like without the coat.
I guess looking like a bacteriophage. sure. three point radial symmetry with the tail center to the legs.
At least the bulbou shape of the "head" acts like a plug to keep the cloak and hat from falling off.

she lives

stab counter

one day. one hundred fifty three stabs.


I can't throw her. if pocket time made me almost pass out, I don't wanna risk it.

blueberry leaf

hand front hand back hand hang